How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 01/14/2014 Legacy! Jan14


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How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 01/14/2014 Legacy!

Today’s post might be a little somber because I lost someone that I knew today. As I sit back reflecting on our interactions I know that they were not all great. We bumped heads a couple times and a few times he had me arrested (I deserved it, lol). But all of this has me thinking…
What is his legacy?
Or to put it directly back at you, what will be YOUR legacy?
Where you are in your career, what will people say about you as an artist, model, musician, etc… when you are no longer walking the earth?
What will you leave behind?
Will everything around you die and be forgotten with your death or will some lasting impressions be left for others to hold close to them as endearing and precious?
I’d like to think that all of us out there are striving to do something on a universal scale to where we are uber famous and spreading joy through music.
Some of you are not thinking on that large of a scale. Some of you want simple things, simple fame…just to be noticed.
That is fine if that is your goal. But even so, what will be your legacy once you are done? Will people remember you as a human being or will they see you through the moments in your music?
Will your music define you as an individual or will it sculpt your career as an artist?
As we begin to plan ahead to be this brand and entity that will one day be bigger than the real person behind it…what will you leave behind once you are gone?
This one might take some thought….

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