How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 01/15/2014  No Dollar$? No sense… Jan15


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How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 01/15/2014 No Dollar$? No sense…

Aint shit “free” in this game.

Let’s get that out there first.

As much as we try and put the wheels in motion, the oil that makes these moving parts in the engine is an expendable resource that we all call ‘money’. When it runs out, just like in a car, you motor will lock up and it will NOT move until it is thoroughly lubricated once again.

You need to start looking at where you will get your oil from because you are the car.

You are the presentation. Your team represents the wheels and different parts of your project is the motor/engine but damn it…without that oil, you will be stuck and not moving. That car is only good for taking pictures, lol.

You can not name ANY artist in the history of music that has EVER moved without it.

Now before you start farting out names of people discovered at talent shows and showcasing events…they still had to get to the location, practice, work on material and even audition at other places before that discovery actually happened and all of that took money.

Most of you have an abundance of God given talent but talent is the least of the 5 factors that go into making a complete project/artist/brand.

  1. you must have the right positive attitude
  2. you have to have an adequate support team
  3. you have to have the inner drive
  4. you need a budget
  5. you have to possess even a moderate level of talent

Some of the above can be created, taught, trained and even faked but along the way without any money to make any of it happen you will be left with an abundance of talent and a closed door staring you in the face.

Start planning now so you can take steps to get to the next level.

These income tax checks are right around the corner.

DO NOT buy another car when you’ve been stealing beats for 3 years…

DO NOT splurge on Versace, Louie and Prada when you still ain’t legal….

Do NOT take your ass to the mall with a band when your CD cover looks like it was done on an etch-a-sketch….

Start planning now in order to excel.

You can not logically think that just having talent alone is the determining factor in you “winning”. You better find that reset button quick and sit on it until you come up with the proper plan, schedule and budget to get you past the tens of thousands of other people plotting on doing the same thing that you are right NOW!

Good luck

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