How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 01/21/2014 God MC Jan21


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How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 01/21/2014 God MC

Today’s tip will be personal and it is intended for you to fix your personal life before you focus on the professional life.
I’m sorry but some of you have the worst perspectives on LIFE period. You guys are all over Facebook crying about this and that when you might need to pause on some of that crying for just a minute and think….
This life aint yours to live (let that sink in a bit).
At any given moment you can NOT be here because God said so.
But you would rather spend it complaining about what you don’t have and be envious of what other’s have instead of praising God for allowing your ungrateful simple ass to experience whatever you just went through in the first place.
Life is full of lessons.
Some of you are too stupid to get the lesson. You spend so much time in your feelings that you forget or you become oblivious of what God sent your way in the first place. If life were to be that damn easy then it would be as boring as museum visit and what fun it that?
We go through shit to LIVE.
You are blessed with life, you were blessed with eyes to see and a brain for comprehension to read this post. You could have been born as something else, like an annoying as fly to get swatted or a dung beetle that eats shit, but you were put on this earth as a walking and talking HUMAN BEING.
Quit all that damn complaining and help God…yeah I said it…Help God help YOU to be a better person.
Just because you pray about it doesn’t mean you don’t get up off your ass and go and do something about it too….
Quit all that bitching about ya damn man, fuck that ninja… and move on.
Quit all the complaining about ya job, ninja go find a new one and throw up the deuces to the old one.
Quit showing ya ass on the internet and then you get mad cause you keep attracting men that just want to hit it and quit it, there is some self blame there.
Quit complaining about your health when over the last week you’ve eaten NOTHING that the body benefits from, the body actually works harder to get that poison out of your system (yeah i saw the plates on Instagram BIT)
All this damn complaining and then you have the audacity to dedicate only one status update to church and God but the rest is full of “oh I’m so pitiful”
Fuck that, I’m not coming to your pity party; invitation DENIED!
You owe it to yourself AND God to make the best of every moment of this life that you experience and try and be a blessing TO others before you have your hand out expecting blessings FROM others, especially God.
Check that before God gives you the ultimate check and cashes out.

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