@IAMTalentAgency #fakebooking update involving @kmichelle & @gOOdTimesENTgrp 01/01/2014 Jan01


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@IAMTalentAgency #fakebooking update involving @kmichelle & @gOOdTimesENTgrp 01/01/2014

You may need a refresher on what has happened prior to today first. If so, click this link to read what happen before today: http://hiphopencounter.com/?p=28866

As stated at the end of the last update, Rich and I received a call from someone claiming to be the president and owner of I Am Talent. This person first started his conversation very aggressively stating that he would suit me for Slander and Defamation of Character due to the blog post.

Due to my legal background, I knew both of those claims to be false since 1. you have to actually prove there is a valid character reference that is being defamed and 2. slander is only present when there are falsehoods or basic lies being told and EVERYTHING that was stated in the initial blog as well as this one is completely true.

So lets just throw some more gasoline onto the fire now shall we.

It is apparent that the people at I Am Talent have ZERO intention on paying back the money that was sent. The booking was fake. This is what they do, they steal money from clients.

I have personally spoken with K Michelle’s agent and she stated that the date in question was already spoken for so EVERY SINGLE COMMUNICATION from Vere Johns in reference to this date was a lie.

Since it originated as a lie, the lie had to keep expanding by having these random people to call stating that Vere had been fired, He was suspended and he had NOTHING to do with the company.


The conversation prior to the last one that both Rich and I received came from a gentleman by the name of Joshua Armah (he is online and can be easily researched) stating that he was the “owner” and that he would get to the bottom of the situation (more BS). From that conversation, he basically committed to the refund back to Rich due to this document on official letterhead, clearly states the purpose and (more importantly) perpetuates the intent of the refund based on the guilt of the company due to it’s employee’s affiliation.

 refund letter


A few things in dealing with B2B, when a business admits fault (direct or not) or when an employee acts on the behalf of the company, regardless of the reporcussions for the employee the business is ALWAYS liable.

But there is more and this gets more interesting by the day.

Joshua stated to both of us, that Vere had been terminated.

When we spoke with another guy who also stated that Vere had been terminated.

But, what is this?

linked in vere

Why does this STILL state that he is CEO of a company that he ‘only’ worked for.

And this:?

facebook vere

Why is the I Am Talent Logo still in the cover of his current Facebook page? A logo that was uploaded on:

fb image upload


AND if an “employee” was fired in late August, why did he still have access to social media sites?

Why does it state in almost ALL of his other social sites that he is not only employed with I AM Talent but also part owner?

vere instagram

vere linked in


This whole scenario has been a lie.

An employer/part owner/homeboy…whatever took money from a client that I referred to him.

That pisses me off.

Now it is my duty to make sure that this does not happen to anyone else.

This entire company is guilty of wire fraud, theft by taking, theft by deception and numerous other smaller chargers.

The problem with the industry and our system is NO ONE cares.

It is almost commonplace that people like this operate in the music industry. It’s almost expected, as if everyone you come across is a snake or a thief in waiting or ready to steal your riches.

But as word has spread via my original blog post, a few other people have come forward about Vere Johns and his exploits with deceiving people and taking funds. I will need to do further research to see how much and how far he has taken his deceitful practices. If this guy ended up dead somewhere, I would not be surprised nor would I feel any sort of way about it. In fact, someone would have done the planet some good by wipeing that piece of slime off the planet. That is not me creating ill intent or setting some sort of motive to kill him. It is just me stating that one day he is going to come across the wrong somebody who will track him down and put a bullet in his head for taking their hard earned money.

Our justice system may be a joke at times but sometimes the universe serves Justice on a more direct and larger scale.



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