How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 4/07/2014: It’s Never About You, Except…. Apr07


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How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 4/07/2014: It’s Never About You, Except….


This one might get a little confusing so please follow along.

Some of you have lost your way.

You are making music that you “think” others want to hear based on the perception of what is currently being played on radio, in the clubs and what you are programmed to watch and see in videos and television.

The people you see doing music are on a much larger scale than you. They have promotional machines behind them. They have staff that have staff, lol.

You can not compete with that so stop trying.

But what you can do is do the ONLY thing that you can do that no one else can do….. BE YOU!

When Hip Hop started it was always about applying someone’s personal voice from what they experienced in life to music.

MOST of you have lost your way and you are attempt to rape the integrity of the game by putting out what you “think” is hot when it has ZERO integrity base.

Here’s a thought…why not talk about what you experience IN LIFE. There is a high probability that you will gain a fan instantly because someone else has experienced the exact same issues. Relate-ability (I just made that word up) is something key when obtaining fans. Not only do they identify with you visually because you too are urban, but now they can identify with you personally because your life is as fucked up as theirs, you were just gifted enough to be blessed with some sort of music abiity that allowed you to convey your experiences AND entertain at the same time.

So as you make your music, realize that it may start with YOU, it is NEVER truly about YOU because this is a business and YOU need to turn a profit at some time. You can do this by rapping about the streets, or you chick, or you homies and still be relevant AND sell records.

I get puzzled on how some of you have lost your way already.

I hear you rappin bout Bentleys and Boo-Boogaties and yet you still live with your moms? Wtf

That shit aint real.

You can have “Billion Dollar Dreams” (#salute to Young R, no offense), that is awesome. You need to have aspirations of attaining more and being great, that’s what the game is about. But don’t mistake dreams for reality. Rap about what you have and what you want but don’t flex about what you don’t have and then expect people to buy into it. Chances are that energy will resonate through the music and people wont buy into it anyway…and you wonder why you don’t have a deal?!?

So in closing, I ask all of you, how much of you is in your music or is it you trying to be what you think is hot?

Is it you trying so hard to compete with the big boys that you have become a copy of them?

Is it you looking at your competition and now you are mimicking their production and reproducing the rhythms and bpm in order for you to be in the same mix?

Where are YOU in all of that?

Have you lost your identity? Or did you ever have one in the first place?

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