How did Mr. 217 get the Name Mr. 217
 MR 217
Well, Mr.2-17 means my birthday. Feb 17 , But it also has a deeper meaning. “Mr.2-17” Is basically saying I’m The Person I Am Since Feb. 17th , Birth Basically. I won’t change And I’m going to stay true to my self as long as I’m alive, As long as 2-17 keeps re-occuring , I will keep doing me , and the things I love. “Mr.2-17” 
How old where you when you started music (Rapping & Producing)
 MR 217
I was actually always around music. I went to Florence Jackson Academy when I was little, around 4-5. There I learned to read music. We did little concerts for our family and friends where we would sing. I began writing poetry ion 4th grade. I was introduced to FL studio (beat making software) when i was 12. I began making beats ever since. I began to rap in 7th grade, making spoof and parody songs. But i have been in the marching band all my life, that really helped my producing. If i wasn’t pursuing my career in the streets, I would have been in FAMU on a full ride for band scholarship.   
It is very obvious that you are working closely with Streetmoney worldwide, How did you come into that situation and what is your relationship to BankRoll Fresh.
 MR 217
LOL Man Bankroll is my mother fucking brother man. He is the realest nigga i have met in my LIFE. My good friend Dj Jay-t Introduced me to him last year in August. Life of A hotboy wasn’t even out yet! I shot an interview for him, which is online now (Dj jay t in the streets with bankroll fresh shot by Mr.2-17) But after i filmed the interview, I asked for his number, to initially send him beats. He was so cool man he gave it to me. I told him if he needed camera work I got him he said cool. Since that day i’ve been trying to get in touch with him, he was very busy so i kept missing him. Finally , at TK N Cash mind right video shoot, I saw him. I was like bruh! whats up! when we gone work? he said hop in the car young nigga. We headed straight to Travis porter’s house. I was in a room with stars I’m nervous as hell. Bankroll never even heard any of my beats or seen any of my videos. I could have benn the sorriest nigga on earth lol but he took a chance and brought me in off the street. That night i had them rapping on my beats. He kept me around ever since. I have so much love for him because he didn’t have to do any of it. The rest is history. You see what I’m reppin’ STREET MONEY.
What does your family have to say about your musical path?
 MR 217
At 1st they didn’t understand. Now that they see progress and that I haven’t given up, it makes them more at ease because they know its what I want to do and it’s positive. As long as I’m happy they happy. They behind me 1000000%
Your Dance Crew “The Ratchets” Are doing well with youtube views, Can we be expecting a big project from you all?
 MR 217
Hell yea man. We got more ratchet shit on the way! we have a huge vault of songs. Right now im making a platform for my crew, so im’m doing my solo gig for the moment, but when I open that door best believe We got more Ratchetness to come. Be sure to check out The Drop dance. The latest work i produced. 2 million views on Youtube.
Who are some of your musical Influences?
 MR 217
-2005-2009 Young Jeezy
– Lil Jon
-Kanye West (College Drop out was the 1st album I owned)
-Soulja Boy Soulja Boy Soulja Boy LOL
We see that you are getting a lot of experience in video shooting and editing , What made you become interested in doing these things?
 MR 217
I always had a camera. I was always shooting and editing my own videos since 2007. Crazy thing is , I didn’t intend to do it for any one else LOL 2012 my shit ook off. I got a Canon rebel t3i for graduation and I’ve been shooting videos for fun with my buddies. Word in the hood got out I was shooting videos, I was shooting video all in the hood. Then it went from local hood rappers to Filming for Dj-JayT. We filmed interviews for months. DC Young Fly, Mike Will , Bankroll fresh you name it. Once i met bankroll everything was taking off!



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