Co-Still (@Costill8nine) “Stalker” Ft Meech Hooks | S&C BY @AVOSHOWVISION Sep03


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A Portrait of Rudy

Co-Still (@Costill8nine) “Stalker” Ft Meech Hooks | S&C BY @AVOSHOWVISION

Just when you thought the grind was showing signs of slowing down or even stopping the 89 Boss decided to show you a sample of the 89grind by teaming up with Avoshow to give a visual mini movie to his smash “STALKER” addressing that one crazy woman/man that just won’t leave you alone…. packed with realistic references and a touch of humor….. Co still delivers a visual you’ll want to watch over and over again… so enjoy and Holla at Co via IG & TWITTER @costill8nine

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