DSD1 Presents: Bravo “Free Game” Hosted by: Dj Mr. Rogers & Dj Eric @dsd1bravo

Mixtape Title: Bravo “Free Game”

DSD1 Presents Bravo “Free Game” Hosted by Dj Mr. Rogers & Dj Eric
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 1. Free Game-produced by June
James2. Lavish- produced by June James3. Last day- produced by Drain B

4. Practice- produced by Drain B

5. That’s It featuring Stunna Bam
Produced by June James

6. Fucking up- produced by June

7.  Get it- produced by June James

8. Rick Flair- produced by June

9. That’s what I like- produced by
June James

10. Break a Sweat-produced by
June James

11. Fuck Ya Mean- produced by
June James

12. Blame Yo Dam Self- produced by
Drain B

13. Dope Moves- produced by Drain

14. So Icy- produced by Drain B

15. Summer Time Fly- produced by
Drain B

16. Time To Kill Featuring Nessacary-
Produced by Seven da producer

17. Ups & Downs – produced by
June James

18.  Lames In A Zone- produced by
June James

19.  Stangs- produced by Drain B,
Prolivik & Juice Jhonny p

20.  Nightlife- produced by June

21. Sum – produced by June

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/dsd1bravo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dsd1bravo/
DSD1 Presents:
Bravo “Free Game”
Hosted by: Dj Mr. Rogers & Dj Eric

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