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Now That’s Some Bullshit: Booking @TeeFlii Turns Into Theft by Taking

Now That’s Some Bullshit: Booking @TeeFlii Turns Into Theft by Taking

Hey folks.

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been trying to get some other stuff resolved with this issue before I went public.

In the early part of this year, Tuskegee University Student Government contacted me about booking artists for their Spring Homecoming. It is actually called SGA Week. They gave me a list of names, some super popular and some somewhat obscure. On that list was a name that I can say I was actually eager to book. That name was TeeFlii.

I had heard about his stage show and actually for the last 2 years the students were pretty persistent at trying to book him for a show on campus. This campus has a very high West Coast fan base and they like to see their people on stage. This process began a full year ahead of an actual booking.

Here is the initial email that we sent:


Because of some budgetary constrains we were not able to acquire his talents that year.

Fast forward to this year. Due to some last minute cancellations, we were in desperate need for talent to fill the stage so I reached back out via the same official communication channels.


Again, very quick response and we immediately pulled the trigger on this one. I was contacted by Brandon Hardy via a reply to the official email. He stated he was one of his managers and gave me his personal cell phone number ending in 7313.

The funds were a little slow to be redistributed from the college so a deposit wasn’t able to be processed until April 15, the day before the event. Management agreed everything was ok and we were still a go. The signed contract was agreed upon via email with Shanta Body (another manager). Signed and dated by an official representative.


Here is the deposit slip:


Now, here comes the bullshit.

On Saturday, early in the afternoon I received a call from another “manager”. A female stated that she was one of TeeFlii’s managers and that TeeFlii had missed his flight and was trying to get another flight.

I told her that as long as he gets there on stage within the proper time frame “we would not have any issues but the venue has set closing hours. If he is too late, he will miss the show, so he should book his flight carefully. Call me back with an update.”

Within 5 minutes Brandon calls me and puts TeeFlii on the phone. He expressed his anguish for missing the flight and they went over different flight options on how they could get here but NONE of those options put him within his time parameters so I told him that he would probably miss the show and I would have to talk to my client to see if they would reschedule or ask for a refund.

Since we had already went through other cancellations and budget reallocations, my client opted for a full refund. Which, according to the contract that I signed on their behalf, they have legal rights to.

I expressed to Brandon that my client wants a full refund.

He said ok, expect something Monday (it was Saturday).

The rest you can follow along via text message:



The email responses were not any better. In fact, they go completely ignored and some unopened.

Here is my issue, and I am being completely transparent.

I am a small black owned business. I have 4 clients, but my main client is Tuskegee University. These guys have been loyal to me and I have busted my butts for them. I feel like an alumni I am there so much and by now, most of the staff know my face. This was a beautiful working relationship.

But due to some over-budgeting on my part, broken car and some other financial issues, my bank account was tapped. I am saying that to say, the school paid me to pay them so when they expect a refund, they don’t expect it from the entertainer, they expect it from me; and rightfully so.

Now here we are three months later and I am still getting lies and the run around.



My gut:

TeeFlii and his management team can’t be trusted. Based on their words, they said they would refund me and they haven’t. Repeatedly lied! I’ve expressed to management the severity of the situation and they don’t care. I don’t want to lose this client so I have had to sell my personal property to come up with the money and I am still short. Booking season for me isn’t until September.

But I shouldn’t have to sell any of my personals, this is THEIR issue and they could easily fix it by returning my money so I can pay the school back IN FULL.

Based on these facts, this isn’t slander when it’s the truth, I would NOT book TeeFlii for any function. He may not show up or cancel and keep your money. This is a huge risk that every agent takes in this industry and every fear for every client but for one human being to show blatant disrespect for me and n Nationally Accredited Historically Black College and University filled with kids who were excited to see him perform; this is unforgivable and this type of behavior must be stopped.

I am about to lose a $40-50k a year client over $4,300, and this was all black related businesses involved, smh. When the college files suit against me, that will be the end of my working relationship with them and then when my lawyers go to work and I do NOT want this to happen. I have begged them to at least send something but ….crickets.

They can’t hide once this process starts. All of their accounts will be frozen and if they try and run and hide, I will even go as far as booking him again, just so I can get new banking info and freeze that money too. I am disappointed and furious. I am too the point that if I knew the funds can and would be frozen at a specific time and day, I would wait until it would be needed and freeze them again…just for spite like they are doing me.

And I know I shouldn’t be thinking like that, but this angers me soooooooo much.

I pray that nothing like this happens to anyone else out there, but when you hear “book TeeFlii” you might want to rethink those options.


s/n: Now when someone wants to Google ‘How to Book TeeFlii’, or ‘Booking TeeFlii’, this story WILL come up. I will share with the other blogs and personally post on their pages this week. Yall be safe and be careful.


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