@AnsayaYahYah – No Fux [submitted by @goodgirlpr ] Aug09


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@AnsayaYahYah – No Fux [submitted by @goodgirlpr ]

R&B vocalist and rapper, Yah Yah is new to the music scene. “I was inspired to be an artist because I felt a feeling like no other when I made music. Happiness inspired me. Many times in life we are unable to find our purpose and total bliss. This is my bliss,” says Yah Yah. The young songstress is excited to announce the release of her new single, “No Fux,” produced by Parker, which exemplifies the melody of a heart break that she encountered. Yah Yah wrote the song for all the amazing girls in the World who no longer will allow anyone to walk over them.


Influenced by musical greats like Lauryn Hill, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, and Whitney Houston. In less than a year, Yah Yah has made a name for herself and sparked the interest of top record labels. In addition, she has performed on national networks including BET. Her goal as artist is to show young people around the world you can beat all odds with hard work and dedication. Currently, Yah Yah is working on an upcoming, R&B/Pop album, which is anticipated to be filled with emotion and passion.


The Current Music Group LLC presents hit single “No Fux” performed by Ansaya Yah Yah

Social Media
Facebook: facebook.com/ansaya.hampton
Twitter: AnsayaYahYah
IG: Ansaya_YahYah
Snapchat: Callmeansaya

Director: Nino Powers
Co-Director: Starbound
Creative Director: Raquel Redmond
Executive Producer: CallMeParker

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