Since 708 By @swayyvo

 (Since 708) is a result of retrospection and reminiscing about the good times back in Chattanooga, TN in a house Swayyvo grew up in on Brainerd road. The house was a place of purpose where many artist were able to develop their own craft and be free to be creative and be surrounded by like minded individuals. In giving back to his hometown, Swayyvo showcases the artists who directly contributed to his growth in the hip-hop scene by having a feature for every song.
” Every artist on this project really came through quick and effective with verses and added so much flavor, it helps when people around you can see your vision and want to see it through as bad as you do.”
 Its only been a year since Swayyvo occupied the residence but he feels as if much as changed since then.He says the one thing that stands out about this project is how fast it was created and finished.
“I was binge writing for a whole week and by the end of the week i had 8 songs I felt were fun and really went well side by side, i didn’t know i was making a project until i was making it,” Swayyvo says.
    This project is very different compared to Swayyvo’s (Cornucopia EP) which was released in June 2016 with its deep production and conscious lyrics. (Since 708) is full of bouncy cadences and Trap beats and shows he is well rounded in all areas.
“I really had fun doing these songs and started writing the first thing that came to mind when i heard the beats, i really wanted it to sound like a mixtape.”
This project sounds as if it is ready to go right in the clubs and set the tone. It is clear Swayyvo likes the idea of being seen as Unpredictable.
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