From The South To The Midwest, Meet @CrnBr3d513

Bernard Schroeder aka CrnBr3d was born in New Bern, North Carolina on March 3, 1987. His mother and father originally was born and raised in Ohio. CrnBrd has lived all over the south and mid-west. As an young boy, he listened to all different types of music but mainly hip hop. Currently he lives in Hamilton, Ohio which has resided there about ten plus years. He would always write lyrics with his buddy in high school. He always was against dropping out of school, but the streets and money became more important to him than his education. Around that time he acquired the name CrnBr3d through the streets. Later on he linked up with another artist, which CrnBr3d started recording/performing under the name Mr. Swagerific aka Swagerific of Hustle House Entertainment, which later on changed the name to Real City Real Music Entertainment. He dropped his first demo of 6 songs in late 2009, which pushed out over 500 demos. He later dropped Get Down Or Lay Down Vol. 1 in 2010 featuring some local artists, which pushed over 2500 units across the nation. He performed in two open mic competitons, one placed 3rd, and won first place in the other one. He has done shows at Mad Frog in Clifton, OH, Dirty Jacks in Cincinnati, OH, Sneaky Petes in Lockland, OH, Memories in Fairfield, OH, Doubles in Hamilton, OH, Tanzen Haus in Covington, KY, Leapin Lizard in Covington, KY, Black Angus in Cincinnati, OH, Bar 127/Club Cabo in Forest Park, OH, Sports Rock in Cincinnati, OH, Celebrities in Cincinnati, OH, Mazzaros in Cheviot, OH, Liars Pub in Newport, KY, Club 732 in Covington, KY, Ryan’s Tavern in Hamilton, OH also at birthday/house parties. His track “I’m 2 fat” off of GDLD Vol. 1 has been played in Beer 30 in Fairfield, OH and few bars around the nation.

As his career gradually went on, he decided he wanted to get back to his roots and push a different area of music. He left the label Real City Real Music Entertainment then deciding to go back under the name CrnBr3d, which truly who he was as not only as artist but in the streets also. He’s proclaims himself as being “Half City-Half Country” which all in one is his personality. In 2011, CrnBr3d finally got through his biggest hump in his life and passed his GED. He dropped a couple singles meanwhile was going through a difficult time in his life being homeless while attending college at Miami University of Hamilton. He wasn’t able to concentrate on his studies while handling the struggle of being on the streets, so he was forced to drop out. He jumped from friends places to even sleeping on the streets in winter of 2011. Any money he had gotten had gone towards food or the studio recording new tracks for his fans. Music is truly his passion, whether it’s hip hop, country, rock and other genres. When he had the extra money he did shows and open mics throughout 2011 and 2012. He linked up with a great friend/sound engineer Kyle Otto and started recording only at Otto Labs. He later on established his life and got off the streets and in September 2012 he started/founded his label Fed Up Empire. He felt he was “fed up” with some aspects of the music industry, wanting to push certain messages throughout his career. CrnBr3d was planning to build an “empire”, which that is how the name originally came about. He felt he wanted to take his label a different direction to really give back to his fans. CrnBr3d has dropped 2 mixtapes under his label, A Slice Of Him Vol. 1 which pushed over 250 units & Vol. 2 which pushed 2000 units and still climbing. A “slice” was a certain part of him giving it to his fans. He did samples from old school 80’s to country remixes on Vol. 1, not every song he knew every fan would like. He did each song for different ages/types of people. A Slice Of Him Vol. 2 represented another slice of him which was more up hype representing his team, talking about relationships, club hits, and going through his struggle. It pen pointed on certain subjects in his life to let the fans hear.

He has featured on many songs with some local artists but also nationwide artists. He has dropped some singles after A Slice Of Him Vol. 2 was released like “My City”, “Live It Up”, and “Same Way”. CrnBr3d lost his brother to an overdose and took a break for an year and half. He battled with getting his passion back for the music. His brother was a big part in his music, so he battled with climbing out the mental and emotional hole in his hear. He’s currently working on his biggest project of his whole career “Touching Hearts & Motivating Minds” album which is “TH&MM” for short. The project will be dropping in Spring of 2017. This project “TH&MM” consists of some valuable concepts of everyday life people go through and certain key points of his life. His whole vision on his music career is not just because it’s his passion and path to pursue in life. It’s a big opportunity to share his story for the fans and new supporters, changing people’s lives with his music, and captivating related stories. This project will be dedicated to everyone going through something, doing something and all the people that have came across CrnBr3d’s journey of life. He will have certain featured artists on this album and certain producers locally and nationwide on this project. Also he is releasing 2 to 3 music video’s for the project. Currently working with Puk Films on the “Let Me Vent” vid and in March working with Mr. Steele Productions on the “Victims” vid featuring BTS’s artist Sixx. His ultimate goal in life/music career is “Going after Success” which is not meaning being famous or rich but rather help people get through life, raising money for charities, helping the next generation, being successful overcoming his obstacles of life, reaching goals and to make an impact on each and every fan of his. CrnBr3d wouldn’t be where he is in his life/career without great friends, his grandma and dad, his struggle, hard work, dedication and all his fans to make him a better man/artist to succeed in life. He’s just grindin. Merchandise will be available on here soon along with his website. Thank you for the support.

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