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Bianca Seals A.K.A Krush The Goddess comes out of Detroit where the scene is on fire right now. There are a lot of great artist that come from that region, a lot of male rappers that have made it but still no females have made the transition. “You can’t win it if you’re not in it,” says Krush. Her plan is to make a name for herself in the industry when its’s all said and done.

Krush was born in the 80’s in Detroit, MI at a time when her surroundings were pretty rough. She can remember her dad listening to a lot of soul music as a kid. Luther Van Dross, Earth, Wind and Fire, Patti Labelle and all the other popular artists. On the other hand her mother listened to a lot of rap. Growing up in a household that was filled with different music has prepared Krush The Goddess to bring her own unique style of artistry to the industry.

Her name has a lot of different meanings to it. Krush represents the affect she has on the fellas. The Goddess represents the level at which she holds herself like a young Queen Latifah. When you put it all together you have a woman who is confident and knows her worth.

Confidence will take you a long way, and this artist has plenty. she is doing shows that she booked on her own, not needing any help from so called managers or janky promoters. With a Detroit mind state she definitely has the swagger of a self made successful business woman. Be on the lookout for Krush The Goddess to make an impact in the game.

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