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About HHE

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Hip Hop Encounter.com was created to be a medium for artist to display their work to a new audience. Yes there are other social networking and Hip Hop based sites that supply the same types of content and there are also some that come from left field with other content that has nothing to do with music or Hip Hop but this site is trying to be different.
We have multiple subjects on the topic of Hip Hop but we have other topics too.

The difference in us and the competition is, we will tell you that it is something different from the very beginning.

We will have alternative topics like Guilty Pleasures, Anime & Comics, Funny and/or Prank videos and more.

We have a serious funny bone and will always post random things that people post to make YOU laugh. It may not have anything to do with Hip Hop or music but we are of the belief that “people should laugh more” so we share these comedic features with you. Live a little and Laugh more.
The other topic will be strictly Hip Hop in nature.

One of the main focuses of the company as a whole is to keep true to the basic elements of Hip Hop: the MC (rap) + the DJ + the B-Boy (dancers) + the Graffiti (Art). Add to that the newer elements of Fashion and you have the core of what Hip Hop is all about.
Our goal is to find the content that fits in to at least on of these categories and share it with you.

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