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About HHE

All post are administered and approved by the website owner and operator: DJ SpnDoctr, known on this site as BATMAN

Hip Hop Encounter.com was created to be a medium for artist to their audience. Yes there are other social networking sites that supply the same content and there are some that come from left field with other content that has nothing to do with music or Hip Hop but this site will be different.
We will have multiple subjects on the topic of Hip Hop but we will have other topics too. The difference in us and the competition is, we will tell you that it is something different from the very beginning.
We will have alternative topics like Guilty Pleasures, Dumb Stuff, and Ghetto Fabulous.
The other topic will be strictly Hip Hop in nature.

Here is a tentative posting schedule:

**If these items do not post on that day, we will try and do 1 piece on each topic each week.**

Sunday: Club wrap-up from Saturday
Monday: In the Mixx Monday
Tuesday: UnSigned Favorite
Wednesday: Now That’s Hip Hop
Thursday: Guilty Pleasure
Friday: Ghetto Fabulous
Saturday: Ridin’ Durty Radio Upload

Here are some of the other things that will be ongoing on a regular basis:

Dumb Stuff

When it’s something that fits in this category, you will see this disclaimer:

Every now and then, you come across a story that is so ass-backwards, so beyond belief and utterly ridiculous that it can only be classified as Dumb Stuff. This is one of those stories.

Kiss It or Diss It..

This is how this works.

Most of the content from this site will come from Independent or Unsigned Artist. They need your feedback. We put up a simple 1 question survey for you to take after each audio and video submission. If you like it, if you think it’s fly, if you’re feeling it…you KISS it, if you do not like it, if you absolutely hate it, if you think it smells like shit on a stick…you DISS it.
It’s that simple. There is no grey area! If you are feeling it a little bit, but not enough to buy it, if you think it needs work but you can hear some potential in the music, if you are liking the beat but not really feeling the lyrics and not sure if you like it enough to wet your lips but you don’t hate it enough to throw it out the car window, then you are….on the fence.
Artist depend on your honest feedback and we will be supplying you with music as it comes from the studio; well before it hits radio, someone makes a video, or even puts it on their CD. Comments are permitted, just be honest, that’s all that we ask.

Movie Reviews


Content provided by Spill.com

Here’s the deal. We have enough to do to keep us busy in providing content on all things Hip Hop. There are those of you that would like to get honest reviews on movies that are in theaters. If it is not a Hip Hop movie, we will not be reviewing it personally. We will, however, provide content from our friends at Spill.com for their perspective on the current movies.
Here is a list of their review ratings from Worse to Best:
*Some Ole Bullshit!
*Full Price!!
*Better Than Sex!

I guarantee you these guys will not disappoint. Look for this graphic in the screen for Movie Reviews by Spill.com


In The Mixx Monday

Every Monday we will feature a new Mix CD that we came across either through the grace of God or someone is paying us to post. Don’t get it twisted people, this is a business and we have to pay bills. Regardless of if we are paid to post or not, we give honest feedback on music, plus we allow all of you to comment on the CD and your comments are NOT edited. Be on the lookout each Monday for a hot new Mix from some of the hottest DJs int he game or a throwback feature of a classic Mix CD that we have in our database. If we have it in our database, we will link you to the Hip Hop Encounter store, if not, we will link to the source from where we purchased the music from. Either way, you will have the opportunity to own the same music that we do. For all pre-existing Mix CDs we will be streaming from Datpiff.com. With their extensive library, it would be cost effective and beneficial for both us and you to use them as our exclusive source for Mix CDs.


Ghetto Fabulous

Are you ever out walking at the mall or at your favorite spot and you see something that is just ghetto? It doesn’t have to be someone that is African-American for it to be ghetto. You might see a fight in the middle of the street…that’s ghetto. You might see some girls walking the mall and you see their thong. That’s not ghetto, but if you see the price tag still hanging off the thong…that’s ghetto. You might see a dude rolling on rims through the park, but as he turns the corner, the car cuts off and he has to get his boys to push it to start it back up…that’s ghetto. You guys get the point. We will feature the best of the world’s Ghetto Fabulous.

Guilty Pleasures

The things in this category are things that are not typically Hip Hop oriented. Outside of the Hip Hop world there is still life…these are those things that should be mentioned.

Now That’s Hip Hop

These are the things that are examples of the true essence of what the Hip Hop Culture is all about. It may be kids dancing, it may be girls beat-boxing, it may be a blind DJ, what it is is something that is first out of the ordinary but at the same time, so awesome and perfect for what Hip Hop embodies. It is something that when you see it, you say…Now That’s Hip Hop.

C’mon Son by Ed Lover

Yes this is a Youtube channel…if you would like to subscribe, by all means; but one of the things that Hip Hop Encounter will do is bring to you the best Hip Hop content around the globe. Ed Lover was and still is one of the members of the Hip Hop generation that is highly respected. As entertaining as he is some times, he is just as serious about Hip Hop. We will pull his feed from his channel and post it every time he speaks.

Photo courtesy of Carolines