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Graphic Designers

If you are a graphic designer and you are interested in submitting concepts please use the contact tab and email us directly. Someone will get back in touch with you within 24 hours of submission.



If you are a model interested in modeling any of our products, please forward your portfolio or multiple snapshots to Someone will review your information and get back in touch with you within 3-7 business days with some sort of reply. *please email only, do not flood our mailbox



If you are an artist an your are interested in obtaining sponsorship from Do You Chief? please contact us using the contact tab. All celebrity and entertainment endorsements are handled through Bran-U Marketing and Image Consultants via this site. Please reach out to them directly at or
From time to time, we will publicly announce that we are entering a sponsorship solicitation period or have a contest where the winner will receive an endorsement. During that time, we will take bios, epks and other press release information related to you and your project. Until that time arises,email us. We advise you to keep working so that when the time comes for an open contest, you will have a better body of work for us to look at.

So you would like to be featured on Hip Hop Encounter?

Here is what you need to do. (updated May 10, 2012)
If you have any press kits, one-sheets or bio information that you would like listed, please enclose that information along with the promo that you are pushing.


send all relevant information to
in the title please put Submissions

There is minimal fee to submit your music to the site.
The fees are: $150 for Video content. $20 per song and $100 for 5 or more songs for Audio content. (a YouTube slide show with audio counts as a video).
The content will be displayed on both the official site and the Social Network and at least 3 other sites in our network. Links, site post, and uploads are permanent, they do not expire so when you go up, it stays up.
All re-posts are $25.
We prefer digital packages or links to your material. There is already a waiting list. Your material will be displayed on this site. Material can be clean or street, what you submit will be what the people see and here. WE DO NOT WRITE THE POST. What we do write on the site are editorials from our perspective and to keep the integrity of the company we do NOT accept payment for that.
For the video slot that is found on all pages (above the 4 sponsor buttons) the fee is $1,000 for 30 days. This is prime real estate and it is the only video that stays on the site permanently as you open other post individually. It can be set to auto-play or not (I recommend that it does not auto-play).

**This is not limited to Hip Hop related information, advertisers may use this option as well.

For DJs

If you have a hot remix, a tight mix (75 minutes or less), or you have beats that you are trying to push, send all of your material via the internet. Please put the correct contact information with your submissions. Please put in the title DJ Submit
All DJ submissions have a flat fee of $50 per submission

***All fees for Artist and DJs have been waived until further notice. Contact the site, send your content and we will post it!

You must have an uploaded song, Mix CD, or video already on the net somewhere…!***


If you are interested in advertising with Hip Hop here are the current rates:

Below is our listing for ad space ONLY. If you have something that you want posted on Hip Hop Encounter

Most ad space is contracted in 30 day increments:

Ad Space at the top of the page:  (max 580w x max 60h centered): @$5/day x 30 days = $150
Ad Space under page titles (max 1100w x 75h): @$10/day x 30 days = $300

190×190 Button ( in the sidebar): @$7.50/day x 30 days =  $225

Single Post Video (max 550×300): @$10/day x 10 days = $100

*all videos will be added to upon completion of ad space contract,  all mixtapes will be added to upon completion of ad space contracts.

Single Post Banner (variable sizes): @$15/day x 30 days = $450

Complete Site Takeover=Background on every page of the site (500×500, nonclickable), Post used to link to with a bio or supplied information (post will never be removed), Video at the entrance of the main site that will autoplay (10k guaranteed video views), Featured Video on every individual post on the site that will autoplay (10k guaranteed video views), Links and content in 3 different sections of the sidebar seen on every page (featured music x 2 and featured video), Facebook and Twitter links added for Social Media boost. Cost=$1,000

Please use the contact page to speak with someone about advertising before making a purchase.
**ad rates and ad sizes are subject to change based on the site format, section and design. Please email or call about current rates. Some may not be listed.

Hip Hop Encounter Ad Space
please verify contact email
please add a contact phone #


Due to contract issues, your ad placement may not appear until the current contracts are complete. We do NOT advertise or display ads from multiple businesses or brands for the same type of product (unless it is an inhouse advertisement). All advertisers have exclusive rights to adspace for their type of product; i.e. if there is a tshirt vendor renting space, NO other tshirt vendors will appear in competition of this vendor.

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