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Due to the nature of some of some of these sites with revenue sharing, please be very selective in which service that you pick. These services are intended to get you a start to your promotions, not to be used as the sole source of your online promotions.


Options per 1,000
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Datpiff Services

*based on the current terms of service and rules for DatPiff, you MUST have a sponsored mix CD for this service to work properly. If you order and you do NOT have a sponsored mix CD, your views, streams and downloads will be restricted. Order at your own risk.

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MySpace Music Plays

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***all ReverbNation services help with Reverb Ranking

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WorldStar Hip Hop

WorldStar Hip Hop Views
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Spotify Plays/Streams
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Music Submissions

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Viral Music Options
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Because you requested it, iTunes promotions are here.
We have 4 levels of service.
5 Downloads, 5 Reviews, 5 Comments, 5 Ratings and 1,000 page views
10-15 Downloads, 10-15 Reviews, 10-15 Comments, 10-15 Ratings and 4,000 page views
15-25 Downloads, 15-25 Reviews, 15-25 Comments, 15-25 Ratings and 10,000 page views
40+ Downloads, 40+ Reviews, 40+ Comments, 40+ Ratings and 25,000 page views

*please allow up to 4-5 days for each package to be delivered. DO NOT order multiples of ongoing projects. ONLY or
**each of these services take an average of 1-2 days per 100 plays.

ITunes Promotions
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