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As you all know, YouTube HATES video boosting methods. They hate this service so much that they deleted millions of videos from various major record labels, regardless of their prior business relationships with these businesses (read about it here:–>Daily Dot) Since this event happened, we have figured out ways that would both benefit the client and make them feel safe and secure in purchasing this service again.
We found a solution.
We now ONLY offer views that deliver some sort of positive retention for your video. Using bots to ping an IP address is old school and quite frankly, quite a few video channels were stripped because of this method. Our method existed BEFORE the videos were deleted and the videos that were serviced then ARE STILL ON YOUTUBE! These views are not as cheap as some of the other views that our competitors offer but we are not just delivering views, we are providing quality views with worldwide audience retention that can be easily viewed in your analytics.

Real YouTube Views with RETENTION
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Get real United States ONLY YouTube Views. These are best used if you want to get your video ranked on Youtube and Google. These views are targeted and they come from real people in the United States ONLY. As you look at your YouTube video analytics, your video views are rated and judged on authenticity by these viewers. These views that we provide through this service are ALL from viewers in the United States of America AND they show a staggered 99% to 66% to 30% Audience Retention rate. Most of our competitors are offering views that are purely bot driven. We offer views that are real, redirect AND social media referred. All of these views show an active and real Retention level. We recommend that you use a mixture of both USA Only and Regular to show in your analytics that the views are diverse and show some retention. (*note, your retention rate is ONLY seen by you but the audience age, sex and placement is seen by anyone if your numbers are made public; just hit the bar beside your video view count. THIS IS WHAT A&R AND OTHER MUSIC EXECUTIVES LOOK AT FIRST!. If you live in the United States and you make music here in the United States, this new service add a validity to your views since they are all coming from the United States.

USA ONLY Real YouTube Views
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