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Soundscan Weekending 5/08/2011

Soundscan Weekending 4/17/2011
The Pink Friday Cd has been out 22 weeks now and it is still in the top 5 in sales. In addition to that, Nicki is the ONLY female MC listed on this entire chart. The closest is Salt-N-Pepa’s Icon CD at 97 (2,090 in sales) and Trina’s Amazin CD at 100 (96,615 in sales.  Nicki is not only winning but she is doing it in a heavily enfuzed male dominated genre. With total sales of 1,313,208, she is gaining ground on fellow labelmate Drake who has been out twice as long (45 weeks) with 1,377,698 total sales.

With Hip Hop not only being male dominant and sexist, we salute Nicki for what she is doing. It isnt easy competing for attention on the same label as Lil Wayne, Drake, Baby and more; but she is doing so with ease. It also doesn’t hurt that Lil Kim is steady throwing jabs further publicizing the efforts of Nicki but with each video, each radio play, and more importantly, with each CD being sold, it shows that women support their own FIRST.

Female MCs out there, get off your ass and come and get some of this money.

On a side note, i guess showing off his penis worked because Chris Brown is 1-2 weeks away from going Gold after only being out for 5 weeks. Wiz Khalifa’s CD is on the R&B charts, wtf? as well as Atmosphere, Kirk Franklin, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco and Mary Mary to round out the top 10. What since it’s urban, it’s Rhythm and Blue’s?
The true top 10 should read Chris Brown, Marsha Ambrosius, Miguel, R Kelly, Mint condition, Trey Songz, Kem, Keri Hilson, Bobby V, and Jerimih.
Keri Hilson is 25th? expect that to change next week after the release of a banger and smokin hot video with Chris Brown. She should crack the top 10 again, UNLESS they release the track as a single.

Soundscan Week Ending 02/20/2011

Soundscan Week Ending 02/13/2011
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Soundscan Week Ending 01/30/2011

Soundscan Week Ending 01/23/2011

I am going to take the time out right now to reach out to the recording industry associations across the planet; SOMETHING has to change. On any given day, any of us in the urban market can go to our favorite “spot” and pick up whatever cd and movie that we want. Growing up, these items used to be between $5 and $10 each. Now, there are spots where you can get 3 CDs for $5 or movies for $2 each if you buy them in bulk. WTF!!!!

I’m not hating or trying to knock anyone’s hustle but something has to change.

There were a total of 274,617 Rap CDs sold this week. Conversely, there were a total of 1,602,062 “ALL” CDs sold during the same period. Only the top 20 rap CDs made it into the top 200 of the “ALL” Cds.

We all know that the bootleg man can be found on any corner. If you getting the new stuff, sometimes he will make housecalls. But we are killing ourselves. We can’t holla and say we support local businesses and local musicians but turn around and take money out of their pockets by supporting the bootleg man’s hustle. If you dont want to buy it from a store then get it directly from the artist, not the sideman. Damn shame when some of the bootlegs i’ve seen be actual artist. WTF!!!

With the bootlegs killing Hip Hop and seemingly the recording industry turning a blind eye to it I am proposing a change in the charting awards certification system. Currently the system states this per Wikipedia:

  • Silver: more than 100,000 copies
  • Gold: more than 500,000 copies
  • Platinum: more than 1,000,000 copies
  • Multi-Platinum: more than 2,000,000 copies
  • Diamond: more than 10,000,000 copies

I proposing this due to the pirating/bootlegs:

  • Silver: more than 100,000 copies
  • Bronze: more than 250,000
  • Gold: more than 500,000 copies
  • Platinum: more than 1,000,000 copies
  • Multi-Platinum: more than 2,000,000 copies
  • Diamond: more than 5,000,000 copies

The days of any modern artist who hasn’t established some sort of catalog that is at least 5 years old selling the current Diamond status is over. This could be accomplished with ringtones but we are talking hard CDs.

In summary I am proposing 2 things, change the charting system to reflect todays’s times and work on some sort of technology that is user friendly, cost effective and kills pirating.

I’m done with my rant. Here are the charts. Enjoy.

If there were any surprises this week it would be that Eminem is still selling strong after 29 weeks (6 months plus) and B.O.B is 10k away from going Gold (500,000 copies sold).

As far as the R&B chart, Rihanna is expected to go Platinum (1 million in sales) by Mid-February, Keyshia Cole, Jamie Foxx, and Keri Hilson all had strong first week sales. Of the 3, Jamie Foxx had the best first week sales numbers followed by Keyshia Cole and Keri Hilson respectively.
One major accomplishment that was completely expected was the showing the late Michael Jackson is showing. The new CD “Michael” has been on the charts for 4 weeks and has 400k in sales. A far cry from the Thriller and Bad numbers but still a great showing for one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever known.