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  • Who is Reality Tv Star Tashera Simmons? @tasherasimmons

    Who is Reality Tv Star Tashera Simmons? @tasherasimmons

    Tashera Jamilia Draughn was born in New York, New York April 10, 1971 and is the eldest of 8 children. In 1978 her Panamanian born mother and Brooklyn born father moved her and her siblings to a New York City suburb Yonkers, New York. Although Yonkers was to be a better place to live than the drug filled Manhattan , NY; things where very difficult for the Draughn family. In 1985 Tashera and her siblings where abandoned due to her […]

  • [New Music]: The Nillaz -“Do You Know”

    [New Music]: The Nillaz -“Do You Know”

    Let me know if you post the following song on your site. The band is available for interviews! [New Music]: The Nillaz -“Do You Know” The urban rock alternative band is back at it! Download “Do You Know” This song has a dark origin….beginning with a man in a session with his therapist; a close childhood friend has taken his own life; leading to the living considering suicide as a means to end his own inner turmoil . www.thenillazmusic.com www.twitter.com/thenillaz […]

  • THA 1 “FREAKIN” 355 Entertainment

    THA 1 “FREAKIN” 355 Entertainment

    THA 1 “FREAKIN” Starting to HEAT UP the Southeast Clubs!   Born and raised in North Carolina,Tha1 is a Hip Hop artist and CEO of 355 Entertainment. Starting his rap career at the age of 16 he formed the group Carolina Villanz with Childhood friends Novaman and Symphony. After churning out four albums the Carolina Villianz made a name for themselves through landing the number one single on local radio station 101.1 The group was sought after by several record […]


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