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  • @tip Makes History and U.O.E.N.O. @rocko4real @rickyrozay @ridindurtyradio

    @tip Makes History and U.O.E.N.O. @rocko4real @rickyrozay @ridindurtyradio

    Today was a very nostalgic day. Besides having a few arguments about the current state of Hip Hop with my friend and colleague Victor Walker, (Ridin Durty Radio) he dropped a little known fact in my lap that had me at a loss for words; which is extremely hard to do. In this day and age of artist with mega deals off of 1 single and other artist with label deals with ZERO track records or a “hint” of success, […]

  • Digitized Fans by @SpnDoctr /a @hiphopencounter EXCLUSIVE

    Digitized Fans by @SpnDoctr /a @hiphopencounter EXCLUSIVE

    As we are well into 2012 I think it is way past time to address a few things; Times have changed. These are not the golden days of Hip Hop where an artist is struggling to be heard. We are now well into a digital revolution and with the accessibility of anytime information via the internet the fans are being mistreated and forgotten. Before an artist could just post a link and whatever posted instantly became viral because only those […]

  • Bullying is NOT Hot, Nonviolent Petition from @SITNC & Stop The Violence, Start The Music

    Bullying is NOT Hot, Nonviolent Petition from @SITNC & Stop The Violence, Start The Music

    WE ARE BACK! Book one awards presentation Pep Rally and receive a Dance and an Open Forum on the same day for FREE! Details on these and other programs can be found on our website: www.smartisthenewcool.com We are still perfect! Every school that we have attended have either passed the Graduation Test or the CRCT during the same year that we visited them (schools listed below). Basic Pep Rally Cost: $2,500 (this is the awards pep rally price; if you do not want the […]


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