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  • @Thuggizzle  FT. @liltunchi – GET CHA HUSTLE UP  @greenhitz

    @Thuggizzle FT. @liltunchi – GET CHA HUSTLE UP @greenhitz

    Born in San Antonio Texas the middle child of three sisters, Phillip Hodge was raised in an environment comparable to rapper Curtis Jackson (50-cents) upbringing. Like “50”, Phillips mother was a well-known drug dealer who regularly made drug transactions in their apartment. The high traffic caught the eye of neighbors who suspected fowl play and reported her to Child Protective Services. It was at the tender age of nine Phillip and his sister’s were removed from their mothers care after […]

  • Who is @zacfresh ?

    Who is @zacfresh ?

    Born and raised in Columbus OH, Zachary Muhumad a.k.a. Zac Fresh didn’t necessarily have an easy childhood. Born June 30, to an African-American mother and a Somalian (in which he speaks fluently) father, this young, talented, and “fresh” 16 year-old had to learn and defend for himself at an early age. At just the tender age of 7, Zac lost his mother. He found this time to be very difficult for him because he believed that was an age where […]


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