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  • DirtBag New Sponsorship Opportunities

    DirtBag New Sponsorship Opportunities

    Support Unsigned, Local, Less-Popular and Underground Talent. When you see them on your favorite social network, add them, friend them, follow them, or do whatever that network calls it; just make sure that you support them. Thanks for your interest in being sponsored by Dirtbag Clothing! DirtBag Clothing is proud to announce 2 new levels of sponsorship: #1 The DirtBag Tour Support Product (TSP) ProgramThe DirtBag TSP Program is for bands with a good following that play 2-5 shows per […]

  • POOR FOLK$: In the Event of My Demise

    Rule 1: You don’t have to be lucky to die. Quote of the Week: My nephew’s situated and my mama is straight, so I’m ready for whatever drama should come my way. – Shawn Carter Buying lottery tickets instead of life insurance before you’ve read this is the definition of ignorance. Buying lottery tickets instead of life insurance after you’ve read this is the definition of stupidity. This is what I realized when I learned about life insurance several years […]


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