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  • @DigiWaxx  2.0 |  Rich |  Get It

    @DigiWaxx 2.0 | Rich | Get It

    Artist(s): Rich Title: Get It Producer(s): Peoples/C4ENT Time: 2:52 Label: C4 Entertainment Album: New Album “UNTITLED” Coming Soon!!! Available Versions: Rich – Get It (Clean) Rich – Get It (Dirty) Rich – Backing Soda (Clean) Rich – Backing Soda (Dirty) Bonus Track “Baking Soda” Produced By WHPBeats Label Contact Information: Bugsy Co CEO c4entbookings@gmail.com Phone: 551-200-4351 Krutch Co CEO c4entbookings@gmail.com Phone: 973-710-6234 Vinylz Co CEO c4entbookings@gmail.com Phone: 917-940-7743

  • @DigiWaxx  2.0 |  @ReneeWynter |  Danger Zone

    @DigiWaxx 2.0 | @ReneeWynter | Danger Zone

    Artist(s): Renee Wynter Title: Danger Zone Producer(s): Major Music P Time: 3:36 Label: Wynterland Ent Album: New Album”UNTITLED” Coming Soon!!!! Available Versions: Renee Wynter – Danger Zone (Clean) Label Contact Information: Nicole Wynter Management wynterland@gmail.com Phone: 1-416-505-8212

  • Digital Waxx  2.0 |  Amira |  Girls Just Wanna

    Digital Waxx 2.0 | Amira | Girls Just Wanna

    Artist(s): Amira Title: Girls Just Wanna Producer(s): Payeback Music Time: 5:05 Label: Payeback Music Group Album: New Album “UNTITLED” COMING SOON!!!!! Available Versions: Amira – Girls Just Wanna (Clean) Amira – Girls Just Wanna (Chris Rimby) (House Remix) Label Contact Information: Alvin Marketing payebackmusic@gmail.com Phone: 1-917-536-0321


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