Our Services

We are a full service agency.

There is NO job too small or no venue too big for us to book and or manage.

Contact us to put together a custom package for your next festival, dance, prom, concert, tour or conference.

We are in constant communication with hundreds of people with talent and/or their management that is ready to work and be there for you at your next event.

For special clients we also provide the following:

  • Concert booking
  • College tour booking
  • Concert after-party booking
  • Festival organizing
  • Club performance hosting, walk-through and performance bookings
  • Conference bookings
  • Pep rally and dance organizing and bookings
  • Graduation ceremony booking
  • Sporting events coordination and bookings
  • Tour planning

We provide an essential service to artist/bands by helping to find gigs and venues; in essence, acting as an agent keeps them employed. As they are able to find employment, you are able to find talent. OUr main goal is to find the perfect act in our database for your event.

Our skill-set:

  • Liaison between talent and coordinator/planner
  • Distributor of promotional material to venues
  • Work directly with press and media
  • Liaison between venue and promoter
  • Organize complete booking for artist tour calendar
  • Working with bands to promote gigs via social media
  • Research venues and markets perfect for artist
  • Research artist and bands perfect for venues
  • Booking and organizing radio and print media

We are extremely confident in our ability to find the right talent for your event or venue.

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